Project Development-greenenergyholdings-swazigreenpower【greenenergyholdings-group】

Project Development


    Development, funding, construction and operations of a portfolio of 200MW -300MW solar PV Projects under an IPP programme including manufacturing of solar PV modules in SOUTH AFRICA

    Green Energy Holdings Consortium undertaking development and Implement 
    Which Its one of be selected 
    the qualified of obtain the Malawi Electricity Supply Corporation (ESCOM)international bids for supply of 80 MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Projects .
  • Swaziland

    Sikhuphe Power Station 30 MW Solar Generating Project. Undertaking development by Green Energy Holdings group of Swazi Green Power. Its Site locates bear by the King Mswati III international airport.

    GEH EPC Consortium be selected qualified and short list of Botswana Power Corporations (BPC) of 100 MW bid projects .Tender NO 2158/17