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Related Services

We provide a full end-to-end service package and guarantee the performance ratio of the plant. Green Energy offers the client various configuration options and assists them in identifying the best solution. Based on previous experience we can additionally prepare all the necessary documentation to obtain project financing. Green energy guarantees all the EPC work it performs and partners with expert local companies to enhance the delivery from a quality and time management point of view.

Excellent commercial solar power plant requires excellent design and rigorous construction high quality. It also requires excellent Smart operation and maintenance management for up to 25 years. 

We can realize excellent solar power plant, intelligent management, intelligent operation and maintenance of power stations.


The importance of Solar power plant operates & maintains is self-evident. Smart operates & maintains takes the fine monitoring system as the core, relies on the wisdom management platform to access all kinds of data of Solar power station, and carries out intelligent management and analysis through modern Internet of Things technology and big data analysis technology to quickly solve the problem of poor power station and ensure the reliable operates & maintains of the power station. Achieve seamless operation and maintenance docking, and realize intelligent operation and maintenance through a smart management platform to ensure safe and efficient operation of the power station for 25 years.

Green Energy operates and maintains all of its power plants and to selected third party owned plants. Green Energy has an industrial approach to ownership of the power plants and operation and maintenance is key to secure control and maximize performance.

We firmly believe that intelligent operation and management is to ensure the long-term value of   commercial solar power plants.


We have being dedicated to developing water pumping solutions with solar energy technology. A superb product solution only by solar energy is designed to the applications of 0.75~150HP water pumping systems. No battery needed brings environmental friendly. With solar energy brings environmental sustainability. Our product provides fresh water with solar energy which will be able to bring more welfare to your life.

Application Fields: irrigation water pumping, livestock water pumping, drink water pumping (for communities or utilities) esp. at off-grid area.