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Africa is a continent of vast untapped potential solar energy harbouring exciting investment opportunities, particularly in the energy sector. An influx of foreign investment into Africa is pointing towards a new era of growth and development and today the rate of return on this investment on the continent is higher than in any other developing region. Green Energy is focusing on the remarkable opportunities to build the energy sector into the cornerstone of Africa’s economic growth. South Africa generates about 34 Gigawatts of electricity annually but it is not enough!.

The total electricity generation of Africa is approximately 160 Gigawatts and it is estimated that by 2030, South Africa will need 85 Gigawatts of power and Africa 610 Gigawatts (International Renewable Energy Agency Report – 2015). The provision of sustainable energy attracts and promotes the industrialisation of a region or country and has a multiplier effect on its economy resulting in job creation and a reduction in poverty which is exponential – energy production being the fastest growing sector in the economy and
will need investment in order to unlock its true potential.


Green Energy develops and constructs solar power plants for long term ownership. We have track-record of developing and constructing  projects close to 600 MW.

We identify areas that are suitable for the development of future projects and liaise with land owners to enter into contracts for the purpose of securing development rights for further feasibility studies. Green Energy undertakes an in depth analysis of the environmental opportunities and constraints for all potential projects. This allows for the early identification of environmental concerns that need to be addressed. If the potential impact is high, then specialist opinion is often sought to determine whether the project should continue.

Energy Resource Assessment: Accurate resource assessments are crucial to the successful development of solar and wind facilities. Green Energy’s engineers perform computational analyses and gather onsite data to identify sites with excellent energy generation potential.

Green Energy acquires all the necessary permits. Renewable energy projects span several different government departments and municipal regulations and there are numerous permits that are required. We identify significant permit or policy risks and manage these in order to execute the projects within very restrictive time frames.

Through legal consultants Green Energy provides general legal support to the Green Energy as the project interface, responsible for coordinating research and studies, site identification, permitting and environmental impact assessments, regulatory requirements, ensuring the submission of compliant bids and financially closing successful projects.


Green Energy invests project developments funds for feasibility to bring the project bankability. For these projects to be bankable a lot of development funding is required.

Raising project finance capital: Green Energy acquires the financial resources by bringing together relevant stakeholders to raise debt, equity and any other funding.

Project funding is readily available with banks having a huge appetite for projects in the rest of the continent.


Green Energy is involved in selecting the land,technological  components, modules,  inverters, structures  and  materials  most  appropriate  to  a specific  project,  all  at  highly  competitive  rates.
The company provides a full end-to-end service package and guarantee the performance ratio of the plant.
Green Energy offers the client various configuration options and assists them in identifying the best solution. Based on previous experience they can additionally prepare all the necessary documentation to obtain project financing.
Green  energy  guarantees all  the  EPC  work  it performs and partners with expert local
companies to enhance the delivery from a quality and time management point of view.


Green Energy operates and maintains all of its power plants and to selected third party owned plants. Green Energy has an industrial approach to ownership of the power plants and operation and  maintenance  is key  to secure  control  and maximise performance. Green Energy guarantees the performances and delivery of the power  production  for  the  plants  it  builds  and operates. This is to ensure the right amount of power as planned during the feasibility stage is to be delivered.


Local job creation during peak construction period for the projects in key in creating jobs and local entrepreneurship. Green Energy has a policy to employ and train young artisans in all the projects it builds.  As a proud organisation headquartered in South Africa and with African interests, Green Energy aims  to invests in its  communities and works to establish a foundation for success and longstanding sustainability. Green Energy envisions this to be in the form of: skills training, access to reliable energy, education, health care and increased infrastructure and enterprise development.


Green Energy has established a track record for delivering predictable and affordable supply of solar electricity. During 2017-2019, 3 new solar plants will be constructed in South Africa, Malawi and Botswana bringing innovation and values to all the stakeholders involved. Built under a number of programmes including bidding and own developments.

The three solar plants in will generate over 400 million kWh of electricity annually to serve the needs of about 200,000 households. These projects are a minimum 20 year power purchase arrangements. These are assets being created to benefit all our shareholders and investors.
Geer Energy aims to deliver value to its investors financially and to stakeholders and community through job creation and economic developments. African economies are growing at a faster rate and so are the needs to create jobs.


Green Energy seeks investors from around the globe to be international partners and work together to develop funds and implement projects. Green Energy also focuses  on local developers seeking an experienced and bankable international partner. Below you will find a summary of Green Energy’s proven partnership approach for successful implementation of solar projects.

Highly experienced solar power producer (IPP) - With a focus on new and emerging markets. We possess broad international experience from successful development of more than 300 MW of solar PV plants across in Africa continents, “One-stop shop” partner – With a flexible integrated business model Green Energy incorporates all aspects required to bring solar power to the market; business and project development, financing, construction, ownership and operations of solar power plants. This also makes the company independent of equipment supplier.

Financial track-record and unique partnership - Solid track record of raising more funding for projects in non-recourse finance through strategic partnerships with global, regional and DFI financiers.

A proven early mover – Green Energy has repeatedly demonstrated unique abilities as an early mover  in new emerging markets. E.g: South Africa.Malawi .Swaziland .
Namibia and Botswana.


Green Energy’s vision is to improve its common future, Green Energy projects always seek to create benefits for all relevant stakeholders.

Some of the key benefits are as follows; Social responsibility – We develop partnerships for improving the future of local communities close to our  solar plants in the countries we operate.

Local content – Promote value creation and facilitate transfer of know-how by working with local suppliers and contractors, as well as hiring and training local workforces for execution and operation and maintenance.

Carbon finance – Successfully looking at registering a CDM Programme of Activities (PoA) with the aim of securing additional revenues from carbon reductions from all eligible projects.


Green Energy is focused on developing Africa. Africa is where the opportunities because of its growth potential. Africa has  abundant renewable energy resources.

Traditionally reliant on hydropower, the continent is increasingly turning to solar hotovoltaics (PV) to bolster energy security and support rapid economic growth in a sustainable manner. Solar PV module prices have fallen by 80% since the end of 2009, and PV increasingly offers an economic solution for new electricity generation and for meeting energy service demands, both on- and off-grid.

New capacity additions of solar PV in Africa in 2014 exceeded 800 MW, more than doubling the continent’s cumulative installed PV capacity. This was followed by additions  of 750 MW in 2015. By 2030, there is a predicted doubling of the share of renewable energy globally. Africa could be home to more than 70 GW of solar PV capacity. Green Energy’s focus is on South Africa, Southern Africa and Africa as a whole.