greenenergyholdings-Hydroelectric power

greenenergyholdings-Hydroelectric power

  • Hydroelectric powergreen energy holdings

    Under the trend of green energy, many people look at the positioning of green energy and high-end motorhomes. They have opened the eighth and ninth super charging stations in Taitung and Miaoli in Taiwan. They are greenenergyholdings deployed on the roads around the island and can serve Taiwan’s roundabouts. need. The super charging station charges up to 120 kW and can last up to 270 km with just 20 minutes of charging. Many people in the Taipei Metropolitan Area will go to Yilan, greenenergyholdings a destination for sightseeing. In fact, it is also a good place to set up.

  • Renewable energy

    This flashlight is just a simple display of green energy applications. How to define green energy? This is a full-house system that includes photovoltaic systems, heating systems and fresh air greenenergyholdings systems. By integrating different technologies, the entire family can be fully energy-sustainable. 

  • Solar energy

    This makes the system that seemed complicated in the past can now be applied to ordinary families. As long as there is a sun, the power is sufficient, and the full-scale follow-up mileage is about 100 kilometers. This car is not only designed to be larger than ordinary electric vehicles, but also has a good driving feel. The maximum speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour, which can meet the driving requirements of the city.

  • Clean energy

    The appearance is almost the same as ordinary table lamps, and it can be directly charged in the sun, and the cost is low. Within 30 yuan. With the maturity of technology, the green energy packaging system can even bring in benefits, and the incomplete electric households can be sold. The annual conservative income is 20,000 yuan, and the annual return can be 5 years.